Bangkok, day 1

So much to say! Only two and a half days here but we squeezed in a good amount of sights. After checking into our hotel (Parinda!), Shannon and I cleaned up and went out for a nice, blessedly air conditioned* dinner at Soul Food. So, so delicious. Very highly recommended if you find yourself in Bangkok.

The next day (after dropping off our jungle laundry to be washed, ironed, folded and surprisingly fragranced), we set off for the Chatuchak weekend market, a place with over 15,000 stalls, one of the largest markets in the world. Thankfully it was also steaming hot and humid, so we were quickly overwhelmed. Though there were far more stalls, we seemed unable to find some of the items we’d made note of in Chiang Mai to buy later, and people here were much less willing to bargain. After buying a couple gifts, I convinced myself it was only because they were already offering rock bottom prices!

We were there nearly 3 hours, and completely exhausted by the time we got back to the hotel. Pool time, delicious Indian dinner at a place recommended by J.R. (because he coincidentally stayed on the very same street last May!!), and I left to do a bit more marketing and town-checking-out. The woman at our hotel sent me towards a night market that, lucky me, coincided with a red light district! Elephant pants and tiger shows galore. On the subway on the way home, I realized more and more that people are different, yet very much the same, everywhere.






*a note about air conditioning and other luxuries. In the jungle, zenned out on yoga, you almost convince yourself you don’t really miss things like air conditioning, heated water for showers that you can leave on while sudsing up, and the assurance of knowing you won’t find any head-size spiders, bats or cats in your room. But we did miss these luxuries, and appreciated the heck out of them upon our return.


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I'm getting a Master's in Public Administration, focusing on nonprofit management and development. I like to play, dance and travel. WOO!
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