The Sanctuary Thailand

So here it is, our last night at The Sanctuary Thailand, and I’m only just now getting around to writing about it. It’s understandable, it’s been a very strenuous week full of yoga sessions, massages, healthy meals, foot reflexology, GIANT spiders, sunny days on a sandy beach, a facial, a mountain jungle hike, fruit smoothies, hammocks, monkeys we could hear but not see, multiple daily power outages, chanting, tropical rainstorms, bats, meditation, hot and sticky temperatures with no A/C, an open mic night, authentic movement, lessons about chakra, mosquito nets, and tea. Phew!

At first we thought the toughest part was getting here, as the rain started during our flight to Koh Samui and continued, with very large waves, during our ferry to Koh Phangan. We could find neither a boat nor a jeep willing to make the last leg of the journey to our particular cove (from Haad Rin to Haad Thien) so we had to stay the night. Turns out we arrived at the tail end of a monsoon. The next morning Shannon and I caught a small boat (Bradford hiked – what an animal!). It was certainly quite choppy but they were happy to take us; 30 minutes after we left we passed our cove and got dropped at the next one up as the waves were too big to pull in to shore at our beach. Shannon and I hiked the rest of the way, and were thrilled to find the Sanctuary (and to drink the ginger lime juices they presented us!), and glad to see Bradford arrive safely soon after.

We realize now, on the eve of our planned departure (so long as another monsoon doesn’t blow in overnight), that the toughest part was not the journey to arrive, but will be in having to leave. Next stop: Bangkok!

(Sorry dadda, no southern cross in sight…)









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One Response to The Sanctuary Thailand

  1. Lisa says:

    What an adventure!!!!

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